| January/February 1982

  • John Deere Tractor

  • John Deere Tractor

Stephen Equipment Company, Box 89, Franktown, Colorado 80116

I am a John Deere dealer and I would like to share some information and experiences with your readers. I have subscribed to both your magazines for one year now and consider them to be repeatedly excellent.

About one year ago, I decided to see if I could get a showpiece John Deere D to run. It is a 1929 D on full steel and had been sitting in the same spot for ten years. Well, I got it to run and I found I was hooked! I started looking around our dealership a little more closely. I located three stationary engines under a shelf where they had been for some time. I found two John Deere 1? HP and one Fairbanks Morse 3 HP. I restored one of the John Deeres and got the other running. I also located a walk-behind plow and a walk-behind potato digger. Well, one year later, I have accumulated a somewhat larger collection!

It includes: 2-1927 and 1-1929 JD D's on full steel; 1-1936 JD A; 1-1937 JD B; 1-JD L; 1-JD LA; 1-MM Z; 1-IH F-12; 1-Rock Island F/A; 3-JD 1? HP engines; 1-JD 3 HP engine; 1-FM 3 HP engine; 4-horsedrawn corn planters (3 JD, 1 IH); 1-horsedrawn JD model KC cultivator; 1-Clipper #1-B seed separator; and a growing literature and parts books collection.

All tractors except the F-12, Rock Island, and 1 D run. I also completely restored a 1935 JD for a customer. I did everything from rebuild the engine to mount the new tires to paint and detail the tractor. I talked my wife, Cathy, into sewing the radiator curtain. I have received many compliments on it. (I have enclosed a photo of it.)

My wife and I and another couple traveled to Bird City, Kansas to see our first show. We really enjoyed ourselves and I had an idea. I wore the telephone out tracing people who were interested in old tractors and engines. All this effort paid off on September 12, 1981 when the first show of this type in our area was held. It was combined with our local Chamber of Commerce show and the results were surprising. There was a total of 21 tractors and 33 engines. Entrants ranged from a 1925 spoke-flywheel D to IH F-20s and F Cubs to a 1952 JD R diesel. Everyone had a great time and I feel we could double the size of the show next year.