| January/February 1988

Emmert Curtis of RR 2, Box 53, Oakland, IL 61943, is a collector and restorer of John Deere tractors, as shown on the back cover of this issue. From top to bottom, the tractors are:

A 1956 JD 620 with Lester Curtis (Emmert's brother) in the Oakland 1986 Corn Bread and Bean Festival. 'This tractor was a wreck when I started on it but it is like new now. Engine rebuilt, brakes, clutch, all linkage, new radiator, starter, generator, gauges, battery, battery box, seat cushion, new paint and rubber, over $5,000.00 invested in this 620.'  

A 1938 G, the 348th built, completely restored by Curtis, who appears with a broken arm and dislocated shoulder after getting caught in his grain auger in the background near the barn. 'All my tractors have round spokes and plow draw bars and brass carburetors.'