John Deere A Diesel

| December/January 1992

1937 John Deere

Odon Machine and Mfg. Company 409 West Elnora Street Odon, Indiana 47562

Having been raised on a farm and driving a tractor at an early age, John Jones became partial to his father's John Deere 'A.' Later when diesel tractors became popular, he often dreamed about that old 'A' with a diesel engine to power it.

Now, nearly twenty-five years later, his dream has come true. He has devised a way to install a conventional V-8 diesel engine in a John Deere 'A,' while maintaining the original tractor flywheel speed.

The engine being used is a 1981 Oldsmobile 350, using stock glow plugs and sensor along with a turn-key ignition, stock throttle linkage, and also the clutch. A T04 Airesearch turbocharger was added, and the Roosemaster pump was adjusted 100% above specifications, producing 240 HP.

The governors were set at 2600 r.p.m., to allow the original flywheel speed of 1080 r.p.m., and the ring and pinion ratio of 2.42 to 1 coupled to a short drive shaft completes the connection.

The engine fit into the tractor frame nicely, and so all the sheet metal parts (hood, etc.) look the same as always, and the engine oil cooler and stock radiator provide plenty of cooling. Power steering also adds a little 'finesse' to the project.