| September/October 1991

Rt 2, Box 22 Mebane, North Carolina 27502

In June of 1986, while visiting a friend Steve Doby, the subject of old things came up. Steve said to me, 'Come to the shed out back, I have something to show you.'

Arriving at the shed, I saw this rusty old three wheel lawn tractor, the likes of which I had never seen before. Upon closer examination, I discovered it was a Sears Craftsman.

Steve said it would run so we proceeded to crank the two cycle engine. It started on the fourth pull. I asked Steve if he would sell the rusty monster and he said he would.

Weeks went by, and one day while talking to Steve, I asked if he still had the little tractor, and he said he did. Well, we agreed on a price and I went and picked it up. That was the start of Rusty Iron Fever!

After arriving home with the tractor I started the clean up process. The tires were rotten, the belts missing and the shroud and recoil were off the engine. Disassembly and clean up lasted several weeks of working in my spare time. During this time I wrote Sears-Roebuck and Company for any information they might have.