It's Later Than You Think!

| September/October 1988

  • 25-40 Oil Pull

  • 25-40 Oil Pull

This plowing scene could easily have been in the late 1920-s, however the time was actually April 1987. Spring was dry in northern Illinois as is evident by the cloud of dust surrounding the plow. The hard dry ground was reluctant to turn over and the OilPull, even though equipped with extension rims, did plenty of scratching as it made its way through the field.

The tractor is a 1928 25-40 Oil Pull and the plow is a 3-bottom 14' Grand Detour. (This Grand Detour is not a John Deere product.) Rumely dealers sold Grand Detour plows during the 1920's and many new Oil Pulls went to the field with a new Grand Detour tractor plow.

The tractor and plow are owned by Ronald Miller of Rt. 3, Box 131, Geneseo, Illinois 61254.