It Was Ready for the Tuckahoe Show

| April/May 1994

  • Massey Harris tractor

  • Massey Harris tractor

29729 Barber Rd, Trappe, Maryland 21673

While visiting a farmer in early June of 1993, I found a partially assembled 1949 '55' Massey Harris tractor. Upon talking with the farmer, he informed me that he didn't have time to put it together after it was taken apart. He also said that he wanted to get rid of it. My friend Dale Boyles and I searched and found most of the missing parts. I borrowed a rollback from Mr. Bruce Collins to haul it to my residence.

On the first Saturday we could, we assembled it and got it running. The engine was in good condition with a new valve job, and early in July I sandblasted and painted it and got it ready for the Tuckahoe Steam and Gas Show in Easton, Maryland.

We registered it for the tractor pull. I was put in the 10,000 pound class though it weighed 8,500 pounds. It is a very strong tractor. I discovered I need some wheel weights. The Massey Harris '55' is a rare tractor for this area. I know of only one in the area at this time. Since it sat for 15 years I am sure the previous owner would be very surprised to see it now.