| September/October 1997

4980 Kocot Road, Sterling, Michigan 48659

I'm writing to let you and your readers know what really stinks about your magazine, and I'm absolutely positive that I speak for numerous others who religiously read it.

I'm a 35 year old resident of a small town in Michigan, and also the proud owner of a fully restored 1922 Nelson Brothers 1 HP little Jumbo I did myself, and a soon-to-be-restored 1915 1 HP Associated Chore Boy. So, from this little bit of information, you can imagine the sheer delight on my face when I open my mailbox and see GEM buried among all that other junk, i.e. Woman's Day, Craftworks, Teen Magazine, bills, etc. and see that beautiful, color photo of someone's blood, sweat, and money poured into a piece of old iron, returning to it the glory that it so greatly deserves.

That monthly discovery in the mailbox is the beginning of the end. Let me explain.

First of all, that trip back from the mailbox just went from 75 yards to 75 miles! I think I'm going to go right to my favorite reading chair to indulge myself like a kid in a candy store, when my wife stops me midway and unrolls a 'honeydew' list long enough to be labeled Volume One! Honeydew List completion time: two days, four hours, 22 minutes and $137.53. Finally, day three around 9:30 p.m., I slide into bed, grab that magazine that has been so elusive the last few days and begin reading it cover to cover. Each article taking me on a journey to that place and time; pausing once in a while to snack, use the john and dream of hitting the Lotto, and building a pole barn large enough to house a 747, fill it with tractors and gas engines from the For Sale ads in the back of the magazine!

11:00 p.m. it's over! The 1 hours it normally takes me to read the average issue has expired. It's like taking that last drink from your favorite beer or soda can, or that last puff of a cigarette or the last few hours of a two week vacation!


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