| November/December 1967

R. R. 2, Windsor, Illinois 61957

During my research, I have found at least some partial answers to past questions in GEM so here goes, starting with more of Alamo, Hummer, Gile Tractor and so on.

I have been following the ALAMO, ROCK ISLAND, EMPIRE CREAM SEPARATOR and SATTLEY engines and HUMMER MFG. CO. with great interest. Now, I have some additions to make that will surely end in additional confusion or something resembling a state of wondering which way the ROCK ISLAND HUMMER went. The following is quoted from a pamphlet printed by Montgomery Ward & Co. sometime after World War II and sent to me by the Springfield Illinois C. of C.-'HUMMER MFG. CO. of Springfield, Illinois started in 1851 as the Post Implement Co. making plows. About 1875 the SATTLEY BROS. (Notice the name, I want to do some more research on these Bros.) of Taylorville, Illinois moved their farm implement shop to Springfield after buying the Post Implement Company buildings. The SATTLEY BROS, expanded the factory rapidly and became a national distributor of a high grade line of tillage tools.

Around 1910, the SATTLEY BROS, merged with THE RACING BUGGY COMPANY of Racine, Wisconsin and the factory was known as the RACINE-- SATTLEY MAN. CO. As such, it was purchased in 1916 by Montgomery Ward & Company and was renamed the HUMMER PLOW WORKS. The HUMMER was the trade name of the best known plow manufactured by the company at that time.

Between 1916 and 1937, the factory manufactured a wide range of products including a complete line of horse drawn tillage tools, washing machines, coaster wagons, kids bikes, folding camp beds, windmills, poultry equipment, air compressors, bottle cappers, GASOLINE ENGINES, cream separators, water supply systems and hammer mills. About 1931, the factory discontinued the manufacture of tillage tools and the factory was renamed HUMMER MANUFACTURING COMPANY, A DIVISION OF MONTGOMERY WARD.'

The pamphlet goes on to show the products made for the war effort in which they made an excellent contribution. The last products made were water systems, power take off, trailer running gears, hammermills and pump jacks--no mention of when Wards either sold the facility or what happened to it, but they have long since been out of business-some more research is needed here.