Information Received, Thanks!

| February/March 1995

5208 S. Hillcrest Drive North Street, Michigan 48049

In the December 1993 issue of GEM I was asking for information on my 1948 Economy tractor. I received about thirty responses from all over the country (California to Pennsylvania). I now have a lot of information on this tractor.

It's called a 'bare bones' model and it doesn't have any frills. We took it apart. My son Craig sandblasted it in the cold weather. It has a Crosley three-speed transmission with reverse. The transmission was full of water, so I had to replace everything inside. My brother Dave was going to Hershey, Pennsylvania, for the big flea market there, so he got me another one and it was real good, except for the cluster gear, it had a chipped tooth. So I contacted a fellow out in Wisconsin, and he had one like new for $10.00. So after using parts of three transmissions, I now have one as good as new. The engine was in very good shape. I took the head off and there wasn't any ridge wear and I cleaned out the bottom end and put in new oil, and it is nice and tight. When I bought the tractor I didn't know that it was missing so many parts. I had never seen one of these tractors before. When I started getting information on it and talking to people, I had to start locating parts, which came from all over.

The people I got the tractor from, (it was his grandfather's who had bought it new), had taken the rear brakes off except for the little drums, and thrown away the handles and everything. So, I have to get some more. The first time I took it for a ride I was coming in my driveway which is downhill, and I almost crashed into my garage door. My neighbor was there and grabbed on to it and stopped me in time. The new tires came from Utah and Wisconsin. It has a Wisconsin A.E.H engine.

The tractor goes so fast in high gear it scares me! Low gear is more my speed.

I still need to find the sheet metal that goes over the top of the head. The picture doesn't show the drawbar, but I have it on now. It had to be sandblasted and painted when the picture was  taken. I could still buy the same type steering chain at the hardware store that it had on it when it was new.