| July/August 1967

1615 San Francisco Street San Antonio, Texas 78201

Dear Readers of 'Gas Engine Magazine',

This is a short write-up to you from T. H. Krueger, 1615 San Francisco Street, San Antonio, Texas 78201. Sent in Sept. 30, 1966.

The following is concerning some write-ups, as I find them, in the September-October 1966 issue of the fine 'G.E.M.' I am all for the true facts, and I've noticed some readers have slipped 'off the beam' a little. I'm not condemning the readers or writers, just want to keep the record straight and true. This new little 'G.E.M.' is a 'technical magazine'; let's not make it 'fiction'.

Let's begin with the right hand column on page 5. I agree with C. L. Geisler that the tractor written about therein is a Moline Universal tractor, Model 'D', 4 cylinder, and not a so-called Minneapolis Universal tractor. Yes, also the correction in the serial and motor numbers is in order. This 4 cylinder Moline tractor is the first tractor put out with electric starter, electric lights and electric governor, all three features supplied on one factory-built tractor. When I was 14 years of age. I hired out to a vegetable grower down in Mercedes, Texas, for $25.00 a month with room and board, to drive his three Moline tractors. He owned two of the Model 'C' 2-cylinder Molines and one of the brand new Model 'D' 4-cylinder Molines. I drove them all, one at a time, of course. That was in spring and summer of 1917. I am still pleased with the experiences I had with those Moline Universal tractors.

My next 'tussle' comes because of Gary Gesink's error in trying to correct me on a couple of items. You will find Garys' note on page 30 of September-October 1966 'G.E.M.' The tractor on page 22 of January-February 1966 'G.E.M.' is a 20-35 H.P. Avery with a 2-cylinder horizontal opposed engine, with 7? x 8 cylinders and a 22-inch belt pulley. The tractor on top of page 24, as I see it, is a Twin City 21-32 H.P. It sure isn't a 12-20 or a 17-28. Kenneth Fiegel, of Loyal, Oklahoma, let's hear from you! You are the one who is stated as sending in the picture. Do you know the make and H.P. of that tractor?