IHC Orchard Tractor

By Staff
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16349 Lynch Rd. Holley, New York 14470

Built in 1944, this orchard tractor was owned by an IHC dealer
and used in his own orchards of apples and cherries. It had been
very well cared for prior to my purchasing it in 1984. All it
needed was a new coat of paint. The tractor came with its original
owner’s manual and my dad found a parts manual at a Case IH
dealer in the next county.

After spending time working the ground in our garden and running
a rotary mower in our back field, it gets a bath, dried and put
back in its corner of the garage, ready for the next job it will be
called on to do.

Besides the tractor I have an IHC model LA, 1?-2? HP motor and
at the present time I am completing a restoration of a three
horsepower type M engine that my dad gave me.

If anyone has tips on setting up the 3 HP M to help me start it
right, please write. This is my first engine and I am not too sure
if I have it set up correctly.

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