I Was Offered A No Charge Tiller

| September/October 1999

  • Garden Tractors

  • Garden Tractors

640 Alpine Road, Lewisberry, Pennsylvania 17339

I have a large collection of restored antique garden tractors and tillers. I attend various shows during the summer and fall months displaying my equipment. I have received compliments from numerous people whom I have met at the shows.

I was offered a tiller at no charge that the person was going to dispose of as 'junk.' It was described as all rust, no name and on steel wheels. This sounded interesting enough to me as a collector, that I ventured 75 miles to pick up what was to be junk.

The first thing I did was search for a nameplate. In working with the unit I came upon a six inch bronze nameplate showing model C-3 Simar manufactured in Bern, Switzerland. I finally got the engine separated from the unit so the engine could be disassembled. The cages were completely rusted out of crankshaft bearings. Piston and rings were rusted into the cylinder.

The transmission had rust throughout; some teeth were completely missing from the gears and a number of flywheel fins were missing. The unit must have been stored for many years where there was a lot of moisture.

After many hours of labor, welding, sandblasting and help from two sons, I finally got the unit operational and painted.