I Never Dreamed We'd Own A Hart Parr That Evening

| August/September 1992

HCR 68 Box 510 Meadow, South Dakota 57644

This tractor was bought at a farm auction near Haynes, North Dakota on October 17, 1986. When I left that morning to attend the sale, I never dreamed that by evening we would be the owners of a 28-50 Hart Parr (even though it was all in pieces and some parts missing, plus the transmission broken).

As the sale progressed, the radiator came up and I was the high bidder at $18.00. Some time later, I got the carburetor for $9.00. I thought that perhaps we could sell or trade these things for something else that we needed. At this time, I did not realize that the rest of the tractor was there. I possibly missed the magneto bracket, as they sold quite a few magnetos that day. I only bought two of them so no doubt someone else got the mag with the bracket.

After the sale had gone on for some time, I got to thinking that if the radiator and the carburetor were there that just maybe the rest of the tractor would possibly be on the place. I was ready to go home, but thought first I would do some looking around. Down in an old tree grove amidst a lot of other old machinery, I found the remains of the old 28-50. All of the nuts and bolts were stripped off of it, and it looked like it was beyond hope of ever running again. At the end of the sale they sold all the old machinery and the remains of the 28-50, which I bought for $105.00.

That night when I got home, I called my two sons who were going to college at the University of Minnesota, and told them that I had done something foolish, because I had bought a pile of junk that was supposed to be a tractor. They thought it was great and in a few days came home to help get it hauled home.

After we brought the remains home, we started piecing it together to see what was missing. Someone had taken a sledge hammer and broken the front out of the transmission. We were really undecided as to what we should do with the tractor. We wondered if we would ever find the parts we needed.