I Love Tractors

| September/October 1992

  • Farmall A Tractor

  • Farmall A Tractor

1291 Co. Rd. 18, Wauseon, Ohio 43567

Boy, was it good to see my story 'That Old Oliver' in the January '92 GEM. An old friend from church called and asked if I would autograph his copy, and the guys at work don't laugh at the old Oliver anymore!

Bet you wonder what's wrong with me. I was raised Red, work at a John Deere dealership and own an Oliver, and now send in a picture of a Farmall A that my family and I restored. Well, I can explain. I love tractors and fixing them. The shop foreman at Leichty Farm Equipment in Archbold, Ohio asked me one evening if I would come work for them, and if I would, they would send me to John Deere's own tractor repair school for nine weeks. Learn and get paid, what a deal!

My dad worked at an IH dealership from 1953 to 1975 and we like to talk tractor, but I found out quickly not to tell him how much better I think John Deere is, when he makes it quite plain that IH farm equipment fed and clothed me the first twenty years of my life. And I found out a long time ago, I like Dad in a good mood.

When growing up, my best friend's dad had Oliver tractors, and we knocked a window out of the school bus fighting over what was better, Oliver or IH! Now he works at the IH dealership in Archbold and I own the Oliver. I'm glad the school had insurance. I never did tell Dad about that, at least not 'til he reads this.

The Farmall A above, serial number 197107, a '47 model, was traded in where I work. It had a woods mower with it and we needed something to mow our lawn and orchard with, so I bought it.