I Have A Story

| September/October 1990

R2, Box 187 Gatesville, TX 76528

To bring the story up to date: I refer you to December 1989 GEM, the picture is of a John Deere GP, WT page 7, article #24/12/25.

A friend of mine collects old cars. I have to go with him now and then. Last July in 1989, he asked me to go with him to bring in a '42 Ford coupe. He told me there was an old tractor also that I might be interested in. Of course I agreed to go see it.

We traveled paved road out in the country to the end of a trail into the woods. Weeds had grown up all around old cars, pickups, '40 models, some '50 models and maybe one or two later years. Among the cars were five or six tractors and way back, in the edge of the tree line, was a John Deere!

The first thing I did was grab the flywheel. It wouldn't budge. I looked for a serial number but I didn't know where to find it.

The man that I dealt with was not the owner. He said his uncle, an elderly man, was the owner. I gave him a price which he would tell his uncle, and I was to call him later which I did, the first week in September. I bought the tractor and on the 9th of September I drove out to get it.