| July/August 1977

Route 1, Cayuga, New York 13034

Sears 'Handiman' garden tractor. This was found in a garage in Auburn, New York. It had not been running in six years. We had to pull the flywheel and touch up the points on the magneto. It ran good after tune-up.

Someone once said 'Seek and ye shall find.' This holds good on finding the old gas engines and or the steam engines. Sometime ago I went to look at a sawmill which was advertised in our local newspaper. I didn't buy the sawmill, but I asked the owner if he had any old gas engines for sale. He said he might have one. I looked over the engine and could see that it might be old enough to be worth collecting.

The next day I went back with my son, Harley, to help. We got the engine out where we could see it better. We could then see it was a New Way, 2 cylinder and air-cooled. The owner said to make him an offer. I did and now own the New Way.

7 cylinder radial aircraft type engine, a Continental 220 HP A.C. It was a World War II surplus. I guess they were used on army trucks, personnel carrier. I think the 9 cylinders were used in army tanks. My 7 cylinder was used to run a sawmill. The shaft and pulley can be seen at back.

Massey Harris 'Pony' tractor. It has land plow, snow plow and drag. The chunk of wood on the drag is for breaking the lumps, as the garden has some clay in it.