| November/December 1974

Stillman Valley, Ill.61084

DAVIS JUNCTION, ILL.: A festival atmosphere prevailed at the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, held at Hickory-Oaks Farm, Davis Junction, Ill., Aug. 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Hundreds of people attended the four day event of numerous exhibits and field demonstrations of agricultural methods of days gone by. Visitors registered in the guest book from Canada, New Mexico, California, South Dakota, New York, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, Maryland, Kansas, Arizona, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas, Indiana, Arkansas, and Illinois.

The idea of a Steam Show began eighteen years ago when George W. Hedtke, President of North Central Illinois Steam Power Show, bought his first steam engine, a threshing machine, and a water wagon. The complete outfit was used to thresh grain in August of 1957, on a farm near the present show site. Hedtke's show interest has grown annually since that time, and he now owns a tremendous amount of ancient farm machinery, including a horse-powered threshing outfit, used annually and dating back to 1889.

For seven years the annual event was held on the King Farm, Kings, Ill. The 1974 show marked the first year of the show at Hickory-Oaks Farm, a 45 acre site, owned by Mr. Hedtke, which will be the permanent home of the show.

Smiling joyfully is Mrs. Mary B. Hedtke, 79, Lindenwood, Illinois as she rode in the parade in a single horsedrawn carriage at Hickory-Oaks Farm, during the North Central Illinois Steam Power Show in August. She was selected as the first 'Queen' of the Steam Power Threshing Bee at Hickory-Oaks Farm. The farm, owned by her son, George, will now be the permanent show site annually. Mrs. Hedtke proudly is wearing her corsage and is holding her harvest bouquet of oats and timber flowers, a gift arrangement from the ladies of the show.