How Your Hobby Started

Chapter XXX

| January/February 1974

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What happened to all of the pioneer gasoline manufacturers? This question is often asked by spectators at threshing and engine shows. Like many other industries, gas engine designs changed with the progress of our American life style.

The modern day compact light weight air-cooled portable engine is the culmination. It might be said of the old stationary water-cooled gasoline engine that took the drudgery out of the chores on the farm at the beginning of the century - that they performed so well and attracted so much attention that today's version not only makes modern farming possible with all the engine driven implements, but now have gone urban by doing the chores for city folk as well.

In accomplishing this progress many hundreds of gasoline engine manufacturers were either successful by emerging today into large producers of modern diesel engines, or to have gone out of business. Others developed the old slow-speed heavy duty engines of yesteryear into the automotive style for stationary and portable application.

A few builders improved the idea of the early air-cooled engine. In the process of elimination these remaining companies have developed an acceptable air-cooled engine that replaces the old 'Chore Boy' of bygone years for every kind of application for the urban and suburban user.

As in the automotive industry, the manufacturer of the present day air-cooled engines have taken over the market and have pyramided into about three or four dominating companies.