How Do You Find a Tractor?

| July/August 1992

  • Maytag twin

  • Maytag twin

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You just put an ad in your local paper. But let me start from the beginning. Three years ago I attended my first show, in August of 1989. After that show, I was excited and couldn't wait to get started restoring something. My father-in-law had a Maytag twin he had rescued from the dump, and with some cleaning and paint, I had it running. I was hooked!

Next came three more Maytag singles, and I was ready to take them to a show. When I arrived at the show, I began looking around, and decided that I really wanted a tractor. Knowing little about tractors, I was slow to act, and missed anything that was there.

My wife said 'Why not put an ad in the newspaper?'

'No one reads those ads,' I said.

Well, she thought she knew best and put an ad in the local paper that said: 'WANTED: SMALL TRACTOR'. We live in an area which used to be covered with lots of truck farms that are rapidly being taken over by warehouses and housing developments, so she thought there was a good chance of getting a call. The first day the ad was out, I got a call from a man who lived only three miles from me, in Kent. All he said on the phone was that he had a small Allis-Chalmers. I went right over.