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While attending the Antique Tractor and Engine Show at Sardis,
Mississippi, in October 1997, I saw a horseless carriage replica
and, after looking it over, I knew I had to build one.

I got a set of plans with few details and started. I looked at
the plans a few times and put them aside because they did not have
enough details for me.

It took from February ’98 to September ’98 off and on
building time to finish. I used a 6 HP Briggs & Stratton
engine, transmission and differential from a J. C. Penney lawn
mower. The wood body is cypress and walnut stained using clear
polyurethane finish. The fenders are aluminum. The radius rods, tie
rod and tiller are steel tubing. The seat is hinged to raise for
access to the engine and transmission. I used a centrifugal clutch
and only have a brake and gas pedal for simple operation for
younger drivers.

I went to Sardis, Mississippi, Antique Tractor and Engine Show
in October of 1998 and had many compliments.

The carriage is 52 inches wide, 82 inches long, and has a 36
inch wide seat for two. The frame is one inch square steel tube,
centrifugal clutch, 8-10 MPH speed. Good for parades, antique
tractor and auto shows. If you’re interested in the plans,
there are 20 pages of computer-drawn detailed plans, parts supplier
list and photos. For ordering details, call me at 205-339-8138.

  • Published on May 1, 1999
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