| June/July 2000

323 Hartings Park Road, Denver, Pennsylvania 17517

Erwin G. Martin of 323 Hartings Park Road in Denver, Pennsylvania 17517 is the creator of this OilPull model now in the collection of his son-in-law Larry Groff.

I heard this loud 'per-lump, per-lump' in the distance and I said to my grandfather, 'That's not a John Deere; but what is it?' He said, 'That's an OilPull tractor; let's go find it.'

We got the model T Ford truck out and went in the direction of the sound. This was my first experience seeing a 45 HP OilPull turning a threshing machine. Did you ever stand watching a large tractor labor, and then get all goose-bumpy?

Prior to this, I was always used to our 10-20 Titan tractor, but now the OilPull took first place in my life. From then on, the Rumely was my favorite tractor. I told my grandfather 'When I grow up, I'm going to have an OilPull tractor.'

Well, plans, wishes, or desires don't always turn out as expected. After high school, I landed in a large sewing factory as a sewing machine mechanic.