Homemade Tractors

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Tractor #1 was made in the middle 1930's by my brother, Raymond and I when we were on the home farm in North Dakota. It still is original except for the rear wheels. When we made it, it had 32 x 6 tires and 1929 model AA Ford truck wheels. The motor is a
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Tractor #2 made about 7 or 8 years ago, it has a 2 cylinder Wisconsin engine from a New Holland 66 hay baler, truck transmission Olds rear axle, final chain reduction drive, brake between the transmission and rear axle. Also has a live hydraulic system.
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Tractor #5 has a Briggs & Stratton engine model B, belt clutch and reduction drive, old 4cyl. Chev. transmission, model T Ford rear axle, wheel brakes.
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Tractor #4 I made for the crosscut saw that is attached to the front end of tractor. It has a 4 cyl. hercules engine from a MM 9-FT combine, truck transmission, Stude-baker truck rear axle, chain reduction drive from motor to transmission, transmission br
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Tractor #3 was made next for the grandchildren to drive around. It has a Briggs & Stratton model Y engine, belt clutch and reduction drive to an old 4 cyl Chev. transmission, rear axle, probably Austin brake between gear box and axle.
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Tractor #6 is the last one made. It has a Fairbanks Morse Z engine 3 HP , clutch from Gehl corn chopper, 3-speed IHC pickup transmission with brake, model T Ford differential, final drive from real old Owatonna grain swather, all chain drive.
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Photo #7 is me splitting wood the splitter I made. It has a 6 x 23 ram - also boom for lifting large pieces of wood; powered by tractor #2.

Rt. 1, Box 13 Baraham, Minnesota 55006

Tractors #1,2, 3, and 6 have been exhibited at the Rogers
Threshing Show, Rogers, Minnesota.

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