Homemade Tractor Man

| January/February 1992

HE. Prescott Street, Westford, Massachusetts 01886

Quite often in my issues of Gas Engine Magazine I see photos of real cleverly-built homemade tractors.

The photo shows you that I am one of those 'homemade' men. My small but mobile 'beast' consists of a 1928 air cooled Novo engine, model BA-23. Horsepower unknown by me. The engine was originally used on an orchard sprayer here in New England. Other than this grand old arm-strong starting (crank) engine, I used a 1929 Model A Ford transmission, chain drive gear reducer, foreign Ford rear wheels, wheelbarrow for front wheels, unistrut steel members and a bushel of odds and ends. The whole unit is not a thing of beauty-but it will pull a ton and with an oak plow, push snow galore!

The photo below is of a model of a 1922 Fordson that I made from 126 pieces of white oak. Piece by piece I put each through the 1 3/16' diameter hole in the bottle neck and assembled it. This unit is #15 of my collection. I try to do two per year. The bottle provides the glass case and being square, requires no cradle. The oak cap covers up the ragged glass end, cut from a formerly 4' neck.