| July/August 1972

 3205 North 35th Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53216.

The Case model built by Edgar J.Earles.

The above tractor took me about seven years spare time to make as I scaled down an original 1914 model and also made a furnace to melt brass and aluminum. Also made all patterns and castings. The cylinders and cylinder heads are cut from solid cast-iron bar as I did not have heat enough to melt iron.

The tractor is a Case 20-40 as made by Case and is very nearly true to scale of 1? inch equals a foot of 1/8 scale. It is slightly wider and about ? inch longer to get all parts in. The radiator is 3 inches square and has 106 tubes in it. The whole issue is 23 inches long from end of cab to front of radiator. Height to top of cab is 14 inches. Wheel base 15?', width across rear wheels 13?' and front wheels are 8?'. It has a 2-cylinder opposed motor, bore 1 3/16' and 2' stroke. Probably a scant 1/16 HP on belt and perhaps 1/8 on draw bar.

I was born at Tower City, North Dakota 73 years ago and put in quite a lot of time on rigs like this, although usually larger machines and they were steam as the tractor would not be able to pull the big machines with 10 or more bundle teams.

The Red River Special separator made by Mr. Earles.