| February/March 1991

  • Tractor

  • Tractor

21432 S. Lindsay Road, Chandler, Arizona 85249.

It was spring of 1953 and I was farming in Colorado. I had just bought a brand new Super M from the local International dealer. I used it to harvest that season's crops and in the fall I moved to Arizona, taking it with me.

In Arizona I started a tillage business, but soon found the Super M too light for the work I was trying to do. I traded it in on a crawler and it wasn't long before a farmer bought it from the dealer with whom I had traded.

Twenty-five years later, I sold my tillage business and retired, only to find myself busier than ever collecting and restoring old tractors. After a while I began to think it would be nice if I could get the old Super M back. I knew the farmer who had bought it, as I had done some of his tillage work over the years, and knew that he still had it but rarely used it any more.

I began trying to buy it from him and for a long time the answer was always 'no,' but finally he agreed to sell it to me. I was excited over buying it and eager to get it home. All it needed was a new battery and I drove it the eight miles home.

It was in pretty good shape but had been painted a couple of times so it had to be sand blasted and have a few dents in the hood taken out. Sometime over the years the fenders had been removed and couldn't be found. When I bought it new it had dual front wheels which had been replaced with a single wheel.