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Case tractor restored this year by club president Allen Mills.
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Part of the tractor display. Buggy owned by the Louderbacks.
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Guy Dyer's trailer full of gas engines.


4689 Murray Comer Road, Fayetteville, Ohio 45118.

We know we have one terrific club but when we elevate the
temperature to a record-shattering 102 degrees not to mention all
those readings from barn-side thermometers of 108-110 degrees,

The Highland County Antique Machinery Club held its 4th annual
gathering on June 24-26 at beautiful Rocky Fork Lake near
Hillsboro, Ohio.

The days were hot, the evenings warm, the comradery strong.

Gas engines, approximately 100, were putt-putting away UNDER THE
SHADE TREES! The tractors-orange, red, gray, green-were gleaming
and shining in the sunlight. How can each of 90 tractors have its
own personality? Watch the parade and see!

Popcorn, peanuts, hot dogs, ice cream, pork tenderloin, soft
drinks, etc. made for tasty munching.

Musical entertainment was provided by the Senior Citizens
Sunshine Band, Country Knights, and United Country.

Tractor pulls, sled balancing, crack the egg, church services,
afghan raffle, basket weaving, blacksmithing, tool displays, a toy
tractor collection, and arts and crafts rounded out the fun-filled

The club members were proud of the new loading/unloading dock
that several of the men constructed this year. It even had a big
bouquet of flowers at one end to make things more festive!

Caution: Adults At Play was a sign posted near the tractor
display. That probably summed up the show. After all, we come to
play with our toys and we hope that others will come and share our

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