High Compression John Deeres

| January/February 1996

1408 N. Van Buren Ottumwa, Iowa 52501

In the 1940s or early 1950s, in the small town of Ollie in southeastern Iowa, Raphael Hollingsworth and Guido Stempel designed a device to increase the compression of John Deere model A, B and G tractors, and other makes of tractors. This was a ring inserted in the front or top of the cylinders.

Mr. Hollingsworth was issued two patents for these rings, No. 2,452,238 in 1948 and No. 2,676,580 in 1954. These rings were made by the Six Foundry in Fairfield, Iowa, and most of the machine work was done by the Martin Machine and Electric in Ottumwa, Iowa. Mr. Hollingsworth also experimented with rings for other makes of tractors. A set of rings were installed in his nephew, Warren Bottorffs Farmall 'M.' Warren told me they increased the power and reduced the fuel consumption.

Mr. Hollingsworth had two other patents, one for a turbulator that was on a valve stem, the other for a ball hitch. Neither of these were marketed.

Raphael Hollingsworth died in 1961, and Mrs. Hollingsworth lives in Indianola, Iowa. She furnished me with copies of the patents along with some other information.

Guido Stempel died in 1982. Mrs. Stempel lives in Ottumwa, and she gave me some further information.