| August/September 1991

Submitted by Donald Sell, Rt. 2, Box 15 Perry ton, Texas 79070

The dream of restoring the only tractor of its kind in the United States began in 1987 with a lot of talking. It came true on April 16, 1991, when Donald Sell of Perryton, Texas towed the massive 1911 Hart-Parr 40 out of the work barn, and fired the engine that had lain crippled on the Montana prairie for decades.

'It's my pride and joy,' Sell stated after seeing the two-year project through-a project that has spanned two countries, countless road trips, and a few wild goose chases looking for missing parts. 'As far as we know it's the only one in the United States in full working order, and one of three in existence in the world that has been restored.'

Talk about restoring the tractor first surfaced at the Sell house in 1987. A 1989 trip to North Dakota, where Sell met antique machinery enthusiast John Tysie, put the plan into motion.

'The tractor was originally found in Glendive, Montana, out on the prairie where it laid in shambles,' Sell said. 'It was donated to the Culbertson, Montana Antique Machinery Show by the owner, and John had traded for it. He had a Hart-Parr 30 already, and I traded him parts for his Hart-Parr 30 in exchange for the 40 model.'

Tysie had gathered bits and pieces of information on Hart-Parrs and where they were once located for close to a quarter-century.