Hart Parr Fever

| January/February 1991

  • Hart-Parr tractor
    November 22, 1988.
  • 12-24H Hart-Parr tractor
    July 1, 1989.

  • Hart-Parr tractor
  • 12-24H Hart-Parr tractor

P.O. Box85 Rosholt, Wisconsin 54473.

Since July 17, 1988, I have been stricken with a malady I call Hart-Parr Fever.

That was the date I purchased a 1929, 12-24H Hart-Parr tractor. Previous to that purchase I was (still am) a John Deere nut and still own two: a JD 40 and a JD 70 diesel with pony start.

As far as that goes, I'm a fan of all two-cylinder tractors, but particularly those with alternate firing. That sound just does something for me I can't describe.

Before I leave this world I will own a Rumely too, but for now I'm happy with my Hart-Parrs.

Did I say Parrs? Funny thing about the malady, one of anything isn't enough!