| July/August 1975

102 Britannia Street, Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

After writing in a question to Gas Engine Magazine, one learns there is someone out there among the readers with the answer, who will take the time and effort to write to one and supply the information. As a result of a letter published in the September-October issue of 1972, I am indebted to a number of people for information regarding the Hart Parr tractors that were made from 1918 to 1930. I decided to send it in as it may be of interest to other readers.

The similarity of the Hart Pan-Model 30 and the Waterloo Boy could be because the same engineers worked in the Hart Parr plant in Charles City, Iowa and the John Deere plant in Waterloo, Iowa. These plants are only forty miles apart. This could be the case of an engineer working in the one plant and then accepting a job with the competitive firm in the other plant.

Hart Parr tractors below Serial Number 8401 wore the Red Devil model with two cylinders, two cycle vertical motor. This was a three-wheel model, oil-cooled. 1918 serial numbers 8401 to 9383, number produced 982. 1919 serial numbers 9384 to 13025, number produced 3641. 1920 serial numbers 13026 to 17915, number produced 4889. 1921 serial numbers 17916 to 18850, number produced 934. 1922 serial numbers 18851 to 21392, number produced 2541.

Hart Parr 12-25 and Model 30, Serial No. 8401 (1918) to Serial No. 19125 (1922), total number 10,169. 12-25 with open governor, no dust caps on front wheels, band type clutch. Gear shift lever and quadrant located on frame cross member, between transmission case and clutch lever. Annular type master gears and pinions, not enclosed, to serial No. 11331. Hart Parr Model 30, Serial No. 11332 closed governor, dust caps on front wheels occurred in 1919.

Pictured is a miniature tractor I designed and built for my grandchildren. It is completely original and runs with a Maytag Washing machine motor.