| May/June 1992

  • Farmall H tractor

  • Farmall H tractor

N892 Highway 149, New Holstein, WI 53061

About six years ago, I had the chance to buy a set of steel wheels for a Farmall H tractor. After purchasing the wheels, I started watching around for a Farmall H tractor. I wanted the oldest one I could find in my general area.

As time went by, I found a 1940 Farmall H in the back row at a machinery dealer. Very nice sheet metal, cut off steel wheels, but rusted tight. The price was about right, so I decided this would be a good tractor for my steel wheels.

After getting it home, the usual restoring type work took place, with which many of us collectors are familiar. I took off the lights, generator and starter motor, because I wanted it simple, manual start and not many extras. The only options I had left were the hydraulic pump, belt pulley and swinging drawbar.

Working with this type of tractor is really nice for getting parts. I've restored quite a few older tractors, and parts are sometimes a problem.

As time marched on I saw an ad for front steel for a Farmall M. I thought maybe I should buy these and someday do a Farmall M. Well I did and that started with another project. I call that doing my homework.