Memories of Tractors and Gas Vehicles

Sherman Kline shares stories and memories of tractors and gas vehicles he has owned over the years.

| March/April 1967

Sherman Kline's memories of tractors and gas vehicles. 

As I sit here in the warm you can look out and see the trees all covered with ice. They look like beautiful big crystal chandeliers with the sun shining on them.

I promised Elmer a little story for the G.E.M. about tractors and gas vehicles. So will do so. First a little about how this started. I was born in January, 1901.

My first recollection of Farm Motive power was steam, but that is another story.

The first gas vehicle I remember was a motorcycle, which was a Henderson. There were two brothers, Willie and Glenn Green, who rode past our home. We were just little Shavers at that time.

The first automobile I ever rode in was a one cylinder Cadillac. How nice the thing seemed to ride. My father got his first car in 1918. It was a Maxwell. We wore this car completely out.