Gas- Up At Murray, IA

| November/December 1975

A scene of threshing rye on my farm

Courtesy of Clinton Clayton, Clearwater, Minnesota 55320

Clinton Clayton

306 W. Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060

Courtesy of Art Dickey, 306 W. Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060

Murray, Iowa with his  Dick Williams of Runnels, Iowa, Fuller & Johnson and  James Thorpe of Lomoni, Iowa with his Scott Bros, engine.  Kenny Shoff of Murray and his group of musicians; Paul Spearing of Baxter, Iowa with his etc. All these pictures are from the Murray, Iowa Show.

It was a pleasure to be able to attend a Gas-Up at Murray, Ia. on June 1st of this year. This was a two day show put on by 'The Central Hawkeye Gas Engine and Tractor Association'. On Sunday afternoon, when I was there, I took a quick count and counted 69 engines. I like to go to shows sponsored by this club as I always get to see some old friends and meet some new ones. This show was held in a nice shady grove which was ideal for an event like this, but no good for pictures as my old instamatic and I found out.

I ran across Jerry Kleinbeck of Murray, Ia. as soon as I got there. It was easy because I think he had the biggest gas engine there, a 10 HP Fairbanks Morse that he went way down to New Mexico after. Any day I expect to hear that one of these members has gone to some foreign country after an engine. I think Jerry was also the one that had the lawnmower powered by a twin cylinder Maytag engine; the second such machine I had ever seen. Next to Jerry was another Murray club member I had never met, Gilbert Leeps. Gilbert had a Delco light plant running in full swing, also met Jerry Lamp from Murray but got mixed up on whose engine was whose.

While eating lunch, I met Dick Williams and wife from Runnells, la. I learned Dick has a couple of steam engines and lots of other goodies, and his wife also has a nice collection of antiques. Dick brought a nice Fuller and Johnson 4 HP engine to the show.