Gas- Up At Murray, IA

| November/December 1975

306 W. Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060

Courtesy of Art Dickey, 306 W. Anthony, Corydon, Iowa 50060

Murray, Iowa with his  Dick Williams of Runnels, Iowa, Fuller & Johnson and  James Thorpe of Lomoni, Iowa with his Scott Bros, engine.  Kenny Shoff of Murray and his group of musicians; Paul Spearing of Baxter, Iowa with his etc. All these pictures are from the Murray, Iowa Show.

It was a pleasure to be able to attend a Gas-Up at Murray, Ia. on June 1st of this year. This was a two day show put on by 'The Central Hawkeye Gas Engine and Tractor Association'. On Sunday afternoon, when I was there, I took a quick count and counted 69 engines. I like to go to shows sponsored by this club as I always get to see some old friends and meet some new ones. This show was held in a nice shady grove which was ideal for an event like this, but no good for pictures as my old instamatic and I found out.

I ran across Jerry Kleinbeck of Murray, Ia. as soon as I got there. It was easy because I think he had the biggest gas engine there, a 10 HP Fairbanks Morse that he went way down to New Mexico after. Any day I expect to hear that one of these members has gone to some foreign country after an engine. I think Jerry was also the one that had the lawnmower powered by a twin cylinder Maytag engine; the second such machine I had ever seen. Next to Jerry was another Murray club member I had never met, Gilbert Leeps. Gilbert had a Delco light plant running in full swing, also met Jerry Lamp from Murray but got mixed up on whose engine was whose.

While eating lunch, I met Dick Williams and wife from Runnells, la. I learned Dick has a couple of steam engines and lots of other goodies, and his wife also has a nice collection of antiques. Dick brought a nice Fuller and Johnson 4 HP engine to the show.