| September/October 1975

The engine is a 35 H.P. Bessemer, 180 RPM, Type O.C., built at Grove City, Pa. It was installed at Gasaway, W. Va. in 1910 to pump water for the city. I removed it from its original foundation in 1970 and mounted it on the sub-base and skids as shown in the picture. This engine is now 65 years old and still in good running condition. I ran this engine on two weekends last Fall at Charleston, W. Va. and many people stopped to look at it and ask questions. I plan to run it several times this summer along with a 10 H.P. Ohio engine and a 10 H.P. McCormick-Deering engine which I rebuilt this winter. The picture was taken by G. R. Conner, 706 Crestview Dr., Charleston, W. Va. 25302. Courtesy of Okey Moffatt, Box 388, Summersville, West Virginia 26651