Gas Engine Displays and News From Shantytown

Art Dickey shares information on gas engine displays and news from Shantytown.

| May/June 1967

  • Spocke Cycle Car
    Photo courtesy of Shantytown, c/o Art Dickey, Corydon, Iowa.
  • 18-36 one cyinder Oil Pull
    Photo courtesy of Harold Williams, Ada, Minnesota.

  • Spocke Cycle Car
  • 18-36 one cyinder Oil Pull

Learn about the latest news and gas engine displays from Shantytown. 

Dear Elmer,

I got so enthused in September -October issue of the "Bang Put Put Magazine" reading about that guy Wesley Hammond and that old engine he got that was under water so long and then I read a little further about Eshelman of Elliott, Iowa, and how he got that old Titan tractor that had been buried in a ditch for about forty years. I went off on a binge and bought an old Cushman gas engine that is stuck all over and an old Monmouth Plow Company engine that is missing a rocker arm and I don't know what all. What I'm getting at is, I don't think this magazine is good for me. Not only that, but I have located many more items of such and I think I have bought myself too much work.

Here is Shantytown, now, we have three gas engine displays and a 1911 Spacke Cycle Car.

This is my 18-36 one cylinder Oil Pull. The picture was taken in 1959 at a Threshing Bee.

This is my son-in-law, Norman Nickel who is now in France with the Air Force, and myself with 1911 Spocke Cycle Car in front of Shantytown General Store, Telephone Office and Blacksmith Shop.