Gas Engine and Tractor Ad Reprints From Gas Engine Magazine

T. H. Krueger shares information and illustrations of gas engine and tractor ad reprints from Gas Engine Magazine issues.

| March/April 1967

Gas Engine Magazine information and illustrations of gas engine and tractor ad reprints. 

Some interesting gas engine and tractor ad reprints are available from previous Gas Engine Magazines. There is published in this issue of G.E.M., three copies of advertising pertaining to the early Port Huron farm tractor and one copy of a tractor attachment for automobiles showing the attachment on a Ford car. These copied sections each have a double-lined circle with a number in it. These are reference numbers which I will use in this letter.

I saw Lewis H. Cline's inquiry for information on the Port Huron tractor which is printed on page 31 of the January-February 1967 issue of G.E.M. I'll admit Port Huron didn't advertise their gas tractor much, for this is all that I could find in quite a lot of material. But, it appears to be correct that Port Huron announced their gas tractor in 1919. Mobil oil lubrication charts for the years 1920-1921-1922 all indicate 1919 as the first year for the Port Huron "gasser".

The reprints I've furnished for this issue of G.E.M. are quite self-explanatory. As I find it, the 1919 Port Huron had a 4 by 6 motor, but I don't know what make. It could have been a Waukesha, as they made a 4 foot bore motor at that time. Photo-copy No. 1 gives the 1919 specs which are worth quite a bit. Neither does this No. 1 illustration and specs mention the make of motor. Photo-copy No. 2 shows the other side of the tractor, still the 1919 tractor, and a fitting size thresher for the Port Huron.

As I find it, the Port Huron tractor was the last tractor tested in 1920 at the University of Nebraska. That was test No. 69. In that test report the motor size is given as 43/4 by 6 inch cylinders and motor make as "Chief". My Photo-copy No. 3 is the June 1920 advertisement by Chief Motors Corporation Port Huron, Michigan, in the same city the tractor factory was located, regarding a letter Chief Motors got from Port Huron Engine & Threshers Company, as they wrote their satisfaction from the 43/4 by 6 Chief motor. No. 3 also gives us cross-section of the Chief motor, and also the only view I saw of the Port Huron in the field plowing, or any field or belt-work views.

Port Hurons are Good Machines

Since1851, for sixty-seven consecutive years, the Port Huron Engine & Thresher Co. has been building farm power machinery.