Gas and Steam Swap Meets

| May/June 1973

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    Courtesy of Charles Hargreaves, 276 N. Jebavy Drive, Ludington, Michigan 49431
    Charles Hargreaves

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Coon Rapids, Iowa 500580

What is a successful swap meet? It is a 'get-together' where all parties get together and have a good visit, trade ideas and have a good time. To make these meetings successful, you have to bring along something to sell or trade. We can't all sell only, or all buy only. The older more experienced can pass along information to the newcomers, or inexperienced. Small meets among local clubs are fine and can be held more often.

A larger Swap Meet should come together once a year in a suitable place. You invite clubs from several surrounding states. They will come in from miles away and it will grow if everyone pitches in and helps. In this manner, he helps himself also.

These meets should never charge any more for entry fee than necessary to pay the costs. This will encourage attendance.

Shows are where you take the item to show and brag about -- no matter how big or small, common or rare, they all have a place at a show. Ninety percent of the people that come to the show do not know that it is a rare item. Most of the larger shows want you to bring along your trading stock.

Here's an oldie - a 1914, 10-18 A.C. two cyl. Allis Chalmers. I have a tractor like this one that I acquired some time ago and I am restoring it. I would like to correspond with anyone that has a tractor like it.