| February/March 1986

  • Universal Model D tractor

  • Universal Model D tractor

Recently, we received a letter from Pierre Laquin, La Tuilerie 26, La Motte St. Jean, 71160 Digain, France. He needs information on his Universal Model D tractor, made by Moline Plow Company, probably in 1918 or after. Pierre writes:

'I am missing several parts and would love to know if you could furnish this information or better yet, put me in touch with someone who could help me?'

Here are some of his questions:

The magneto is not original what are the references and mark? Was there an operating manual? I have found nowhere any instructions for starting, etc.

The radiator cap and the cover for the gas tank are missing. I would like to have some idea of the form and material of these. Is there a specific reproduction of these?

The plate on the motor, with the numbers is completely corroded, and illegible. When facing the tractor, this plate is located on the lower left. I would like to be able to replace it.