Franklin Mint Precision Models Presents the Oliver Super 99 Tractor

By Staff

The Oliver Super 99 was a mammoth among tractors. Weighing more
than 2,000 pounds, it was the largest and most powerful tractor of
its time! Now, Franklin Mint Precision Models, in association with
Oliver, creates a 1:12 scale model of this magnificent tamer of the

Crafted from more than 200 separate parts, this 11 inch long
model is packed with authentic detail. Each gauge and lever is
re-created on the driver’s console. Operating features include
brake and clutch pedals that can actually be pressed down; a
steering wheel that engages the front wheels; and a seat equipped
with a simulated suspension. The powerful 6-speed engine is
painstakingly re-created, with every wire, pulley, and bolt in
place. The tires feature true-to-life tread and the entire tractor
is painted by hand in the authentic Oliver green with yellow and
orange trim. Accessories include a scale-sized baseball cap and
thermos. A reproduction of the Oliver factory brochure is also
included with the model.

The Oliver Super 99 Tractor is available exclusively from The
Franklin Mint for $135 plus shipping and handling, payable in
convenient monthly installations. For purchase information, phone
1-800-THE-MINT, visit the Franklin Mint Store near you, or check
out our web site at

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