Franklin Mint Precision Models Presents The Farmall F-20 Farm Tractor

| May/June 2001

As the Great Depression sputtered to a close, the Farmall F-20 tractor kept the heart of America's family farms beating strong: this workhorse of the fields could farm an impressive 200 acres at a top speed of 3.75 mph! Now, Franklin Mint Precision Models, in association with Case Corporation, creates a 1:12 scale model of the coveted Farmall F-20 tractor.

Crafted from more than 170 separate parts, this 11 inch long model is hand-painted in blazing IHC Red and features operable steering. It's packed with authentic detail complete down to the engine, where every pulley, wire, and bolt of the sturdy four-cylinder power plant is accurately re-created. A reproduction of the original Farmall Factory brochure is also included with the model.

The Farmall F-20 farm tractor model is available exclusively from The Franklin Mint for $135 plus shipping and handling, payable in convenient monthly installments. For purchase information, phone 1-800-THE-MINT, visit the Franklin Mint Store near you, or check out our web site at

Farmall, McCormick, IH and International Harvester are trademarks of Case Corporation.