Forks of the Wabash

| September/October 1982

  • Pictured is Charles Shelley

  • Pictured is Charles Shelley

This is Homer Adams writing to let everyone know we have a club here in good ole Huntington, Indiana. We organized our club June 30, 1981 with 21 members on the first night. We had our show September 26, 1981 in conjunction with Forks of the Wabash Pioneer Festival Days. By the way, the name of our club is 'Forks of the Wabash Antique Gas Engine and Tractor Club.'

We have our membership up to 66 members now. At our show we displayed 129 gas engines, 25 tractors, 24 antique cars and trucks, one antique motorcycle with sidecar and two gas engine-driven buzz saws.

We are in the process of getting our charter set up and we sure need some help. We don't have all that much money but somehow it will be done. We would like to keep the shows free to the public. We feel at this time that the public needs us and we have so much to offer.

On January 13, at our regular meeting, we made one of our members a life-time member. We gave him a plaque, billfold card and had cake and ice cream.

Mr. Charles Shelly will be 93 years old. He still gets around fairly well and is a joy to behold. In his younger days, he had a threshing rig and ran a saw mill. He also did hay baling. He ran his own garage in Monument City, Indiana for some thirty years.

He says the steam engine is still his favorite and he has pictures in his house on the walls proving that, too.