Ford Tractor Collection

| January/February 1995

Route 3, Box 188, Bridgewater, Virginia 22812

This Ford V8, with 8CM, 256 cubic inch Mercury engine, is just one of three Ford tractors owned by Carl E. Rhodes Jr., Route 3, Box 188, Bridgewater, Virginia 22812. Look inside for a picture and more information on the others.

Here is a picture of my three Ford tractors. The four cylinder is stock. The six cylinder has a 'Funk Kit' in it. The V8, shown on this month's cover, has an 8 CM 256 cubic inch Mercury engine in it. The hood was widened 6' to accept a1 ton truck radiator. It also has a Sherman Step Up in it, and the tractor, like the other two, runs excellent.

1/13/2015 12:52:30 PM

i have a Ford Tractor Company CH 4000 Gas Air Compressor, i have been researching and and little on it. Any information would be helpful Thank you