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N892 Hwy 149, New Holstein, Wisconsin 53061

This is my attempt at building a half size John Deere 4455.
I’ve built a McCormick-Deering W-30 and No. 8 trailer plow in
size and a 20-35 Lauson tractor in size. All of the other models
are on steel wheels, so this tractor is pretty modern for our
place. My wife and I also have 21 fall size tractors on full steel
wheels of various colors.

I have always enjoyed the tractors, engines and models at the
shows and enjoy building models myself.

The reason I call our 4455 Ford-Chevy-Deere is because these are
the parts I used in building this project. The engine is a 1972
Ford Pinto four cylinder, 1600 cc engine, with a timing chain, not
an overhead cam. The engine is rated at 54 HP at 4600 RPM. The
power is run through a four speed Pinto transmission to the roller
chain and sprockets and jack shaft into a 1960 Chevy Corvair
transaxle. By doing this it gives me a second transmission and rear
end combination. The ground speed is very comfortable. The rear
rims were modified to fit 15-inch tires which are the same size as
some self-propelled hay bines which made it possible for me to use
lug type tires. The front steering is racked and pinned with Vega
spindles. The front rims are from a utility trailer with lawn mower
rear tires. It is not a power assist front, but looks like one. The
front fenders are from a utility trailer that I modified some. The
hood, steering wheel, seat and rear fenders I bought from John
Deere and modified. People ask where I found those front suit case
weights. I made them out of wood. The side screens are from a
junked 3010 John Deere, I just shorten them in both directions. The
rear axle shafts are just for looks. It also has three point

I worked on this project off and on over a three year period.
There were plenty of mistakes and things I would arid should have
done differently, but it turned out much better than I figured it

I hope this may help someone who’s thinking about building a
model. It takes time but it’s enjoyable and different. I’m
working on another one now, and that may be another story

My wife and I have been in this hobby for about 20 years and I
can’t tell you all the wonderful people we’ve met and the
good times we’ve had.

So, if you have a couple thousand extra hours and some extra
dollars, have fun!

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