| December/January 1985

29 Smalley Rd. Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Here are pictures of my first tractor, a 1937 model B. My father, Quentin Winslow, and I purchased the B in August of 1984. The tractor was supposed to be a winter project, but once we started working on it, we could not stop. The condition of the tractor was fantastic. You could tell it had hardly ever been used. Most of the work we did was cosmetic (cleaning and painting). The only things we did not do ourselves were to sandblast the rear wheels, paint the hood lettering, and paint the small gas tank. Actually, the only mechanical work we had to do was replace the float in the carburetor. The only piece missing on the whole tractor was the rod for opening and closing the radiator shutter. The restoration took approximately four months of working at night. It is the best looking tractor I have seen around here yet.

Shown also is a picture of our next project. It is a brass tag 1934 A John Deere. My grandfather purchased the A new and when he is through with it, I will restore it.