Finally An 80

| May/June 1985

RR 2 Webster City, Iowa 50595

This is a story about a tractor that started 30 years earlier. A model 80 John Deere diesel, built in 1955.

When I got out of high school in May of 1955, I went to work for a John Deere Tractor Co. at Waterloo, Iowa. At that time, they had just set up a new assembly line to build a new Model 80 tractor. I was one of the lucky dozen or so employees who were chosen to set up the assembly line. It took us about six weeks to assemble the first tractor because of all the problems involved with setting up production on something new. We were soon producing one or two a day. And it soon got into a full swing of production. I worked at this until November of 1955, when I decided that I was not cut out for factory work and decided to quit

Years passed and I still had the fond memories for the Model 80 John Deere. But it was out of the question, since I was not a farmer and didn't have the need for a tractor (especially that size).

In 1977, the old 'tractor bug' bit. After going to Albert City, Iowa to their Annual Threshermen and Collectors Show for the first time, I decided that I just had to have an old John Deere to restore (being I was brought up in John Deere country).

I found a 1931 John Deere G.P. in pieces, hauled it home, and restored it. And the 'bug' had bit hard.