Farmalls For All The Family

| February/March 1999

  • Nicholl DuRee's Tractor

  • Nicholl DuRee's Tractor

12815 Rainwood Road, Omaha, Nebraska 68142-4278

These five Farmall B's were on display at the Glen Mohr family threshing bee on September 20, 1998. All five were restored by Gaylord DuRee of Omaha, Nebraska. Four belong to Gaylord's grandsons and granddaughter, and one to Breanne Peterson, Nicholl DuRee, Kolton Lathrum, Dalton DuRee, and Dylan DuRee. The photo shows Brennen Peterson in the foreground asking his dad where his is. We're looking for a Farmall to restore for him by next year. These date from 1941 through 1946.

Nicholl DuRee's tractor was bought new in Overbrook, Kansas, in 1946 by her great-great-granddad, Matt Dunn, of Burlingame, Kansas, and has never been out of the family. We have the mounted Lister, plow and cultivator that was purchased with it for about $1,000 for all pieces of equipment and the tractor.