‘FARM TRACTORS: 1950-1975’

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‘Farm Tractors: 1950-1975’ has been published by the
American Society of Agricultural Engineers as a sequel to its best
seller, ‘The Agricultural Tractor: 1855-1950.’ It contains
over 400 photos.

This new book undoubtedly will be as popular as the volume which
preceded it. Demand for the 1855-1950 book is shown in its sales of
nearly 50,000 in the past six years.

Lester Larsen, the new book’s author, has excellent
credentials- he headed the famous Nebraska Tractor Testing
Laboratory from 1946 to 1975. He was assisted by over 100 other
experts including Carlton Zink, who headed the testing lab from
1930 to 1941.

You can not only see pictures of important models of U.S. and
foreign tractors of the period, you can also read specifications.
You can follow the major changes in technology and design in the 25
years covered- years of great change and growth.

Whatever your interest in tractors may be, you’ll find ample
information. Every collector should own a copy.

The book says, for example, that Allis-Chalmers was one of the
first makers to try pneumatic tires. It shows Albert Schroeder, a
Wisconsin farmer who aided in experiments, on his Allis-Chalmers
model U. Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. also assisted.

The differences in terms describing horsepower are cleared up;
each term, such as ‘Indicated horsepower’ or ‘Maximum
intermittent brake horsepower’ is defined in clear

It recalls that the first seat for tractors were pressed steel
pans, and in the early days ‘If a farmer placed a pad on the
seat or raised an umbrella to protect himself from the sun, he
generally was viewed as a sissy.’

Others items among many: John Deere introduced its
‘live’ power take-off in 1952-International Harvester added
‘traction control’ to the 2-point hitch on its new line of
tractors in 1956 . . . The first Case tractor to be equipped with a
dry type air cleaner was the 1030 Diesel Comfort King, introduced
in 1966.

There are many references to the Nebraska tests. Just about any
brand name you can think of is featured. Massey-Ferguson, Oliver,
Steiger and Ford are among the names. You’ll probably find a
picture that can be a lot of help. To order, mail $15.70 to Stemgas
Publishing Company, Box 328, Lancaster, PA 17603.

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