| June/July 1996

Lester Hoover of 19477 Esterbrook Road, Ponchatoula, LA 70454, sent the picture at right. It shows his Farmall 1954 Super A. At lower left is a project of Clare Kerns of 1044 Ridge Road, Shippensburg, PA 17257. Clare writes: 'This tractor was built in 1993 by Clare Kerns utilizing parts from two Farmall A's built in the mid nineteen forties (1944 and 1946). The tractor is not intended to look like any other tractor, although it is possible it does. It is not meant to be practical, although it might be and was not built to do hard work, although it could. It was built as a fun project and as a challenge to the builder. It is intended to be a conversation piece to be enjoyed by all who appreciate not only the totally original, but also variations of the old iron.'

At lower right, there is a front and back view of 'Triple 30,' described by its owner Harry Lee of Box 119, Elnora, IN 47529: 'Being large of its kind as a monstrous unnatural type replica. Developed from an imaginational image of what can be done from mind creation, with ability and talent, using all F-30 IHC Farmall components. From year models 1937-39. Wide front and narrow treed rear axles. Weight 10,400. Width 7.5 feet. Horse power unknown. My fourth project of this type since retirement. Built in year 1993 with pleasure at age 72.'