Explore The Roaring '30s & Before

| November/December 1992

RR #1, Box 86 Piedmont, Missouri 63957

Explore the Roaring '30s and Before,' a show hosted by Wayne and Linda Ludington and Richard and Mary Smith, was held March Hand 15,1992. The Koreshan State Historic Site was the perfect setting for this show, and it was enjoyed by all exhibitors. This was our second annual show.

Exhibitors brought antique flywheel engines, tractors, cars and trucks, antique outboard engines, tools, rock crushing equipment and perfect weather!

The Koreshan Unity Settlement was established in 1894 on property located at Esters, Florida, U.S. 41 and the banks of the Esters River. The settlement was completely self-sustained.

In the early teens Henry Ford and Thomas Edison helped the Koreshans install a steam powered dynamo for their electricity. The dynamo is still in place today. However, the Historic Society is trying to locate the steam engine. Rumor has it the engine went to the Fort Myers Ice Plant and then to Venice, Florida.

The background in the photos is some of the settlement. People ages three to 83, and older, attended the show and enjoyed the exhibits and the historic park.